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Mission Statement

The Los Toros Foundation is dedicated to building Solidarity, Understanding and Compassion

with the communities of Los Toros, Azua, Dominican Republic.

We embrace the fourfold Philosophy of:

-  Perception, Learning, Understanding  -

-  Acting with Compassion and Solidarity  -

-  Enabling others to help themselves  -

-  Responsibility and Accountability  -

Through the diligent sharing of ideas, resources and culture we seek to build 

a relationship of friendship, trust and charity.

Statement of purpose

The Purpose of the Los Toros Foundation is to perform acts of charity and support to a community located in the Third World. The focus of our work will be centered on acts that improve the living conditions through community development including the areas of natural and human resources.

The Los Toros Foundation -  EIN - 68-0623817   (Espanol)

The Los Toros Foundation is a not-for-profit (IRS Ruling - 501 (c) (3) - Tax Exempt Status established and chartered in the state of Wisconsin. It is licensed as a non-profit charity dedicated to charitable work in the Dominican Republic. It is operated and managed by a professional board of directors with an executive director experienced in working with third world countries.

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The Los Toros communities are located in the South of the Dominican Republic and have about 12000 residents. The geography of the area includes small mountains and level valleys. Though the island is tropical in climate, the southwest region can get semi arid; however, with irrigation it is possible to grow various crops such as tomatoes, tobacco, bananas, peppers and other vegetables. In the Dominican Republic most areas outside of major cities are underdeveloped and lack many municipal services.

The People of Los Toros -

The people of Los Toros are industrious workers with an enthusiastic community spirit. They are sincerely dedicated to the growth and development of their community. Numerous groups have been formed and maintained to support their village including: Health Committees, Mothers Group, Youth Group, Agriculture Committee, High School Committee, Library Committee. They are ready to collaborate with others to help their community grow.  

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