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         Ten Reasons for Contributing to the Los Toros Foundation

1. Grass Roots Help the Foundation Projects represent collaboration with the residents of Los Toros, Azua, Dominican Republic in determining their communal needs and setting priorities to meet those needs. They assess their own needs and submit a proposal to meet those needs which is carefully reviewed by members of the Board of Directors.

Over Twenty-FiveYears of Experience members of the Foundation have almost twenty years of experience working together with the people of Los Toros. Relationships have been carefully formed and a spirit of cooperation and accountability has been clearly established.

No Administration Fees Every penny collected goes directly to the projects that are established in Los Toros. The Foundation does not pay a salary or expenses to any member in the USA or Los Toros. Administrative and travel costs are absorbed by Foundation members; volunteers with professional experience guide the work of the Foundation. The community of Los Toros manages projects without salary or benefit to committee members.

Third World Aid The community of Los Toros was carefully chosen for aid after visiting and consulting with other areas in the third world. The basis of selection included the great needs of the community as well as effective collaboration and cooperation in working together to meet goals and objectives.

Accountability The Foundation maintains an open book policy in regards to finances. All expenditures will be carefully listed and verified though reports and field visits. A series of checks and balances assures you that your contribution will be used effectively.

Tax Deductible The Foundation is a non-profit corporation chartered and licensed in the state of Wisconsin. Contributions are tax deductible charitable contribution as defined by the United States IRS.

Dedicated Professional Management The Board of Directors includes an attorney, an accountant, an engineer, the president of an international corporation as well as other professionals. We consult with doctors and other medical professionals and with people with international community experience. We do not hesitate to seek outside professional help to assist us with our decisions.

The Foundation collaborates with other organizations in seeking solutions to the needs of the Los Toros Community. A chain of communication is established to work together and gain from the experience of the community development work performed by others.

On Site Inspection
The Foundation visits the community of Los Toros three or four times each year to inspect the progress of projects and to collaborate on forming new projects. We live and work together with the people of Los Toros to better understand their needs.

Effective Aid Our projects are effective in meeting the needs of very poor people. There is a deep sense of accomplishment not only on the part of the Foundation, but also on the part of the people of the village of Los Toros. The progress achieved represents hard work on their part and a true spirit of community involvement in meeting goals and objectives.


The Los Toros Foundation is a not-for-profit (IRS Ruling - 501 (c) (3) - Tax Exempt Status established and chartered in the state of Wisconsin. It is licensed as a non-profit charity dedicated to charitable work in the Dominican Republic. 

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