Major Needs - Long Term Goals 


The Community of Los Toros


These are some of the extensive needs of the community of Los Toros, some may be a distant ten to twenty years in the future if not longer.

1. Improved Municipal Water System - This involves water treatment prior to delivery to homes, an improved delivery system with new water mains and a system of maintenance.

2. A High School Building - Currently the primary school building is shared with the High School. This is an inadequate facility and its use as a high school limits its use as a primary school. There is overcrowding and shortened class time for both levels.

3. Sanitary Sewer System - The current use of "Outhouses" is very poor sanitation and the cause of diseases. Indoor plumbing and a waste treatment facility are badly needed.

4. Storm sewers - Drainage - Standing water breeds mosquitoes that can carry Malaria and Dengue Fever. A proper drainage system is badly needed.

5. Improved Electrical Service - The electricity is very inconsistent with many days of less than five hours of service. Connections to homes lack meters, fuses and other safety devices.

6. Streets - Gravel or Paved - Most village streets are dirt and rocks, during a time of rain it is almost impossible to travel on the streets by vehicle or by foot.

7. Medical Service - The village needs a permanent doctor, currently the government assigns a temporary doctor for one year and then replaces that person with a new one. This makes for inconsistent service from persons who lack experience in the village setting. 

8. Adult Literacy Program - More than 50% of adults in the village lack the proper skills to adequately read and write. Though many have some training they do not properly comprehend and can not fill out forms and applications.

9. Credit Union - Banks in the nearest city charge over 20% interest for a loan. If an emergency appears the villagers have no alternative but to pay this very high rate.

10. Telephone - Communication system - Though cell phones are now available they are often unreliable and difficult to use. During an emergency there is not a reliable way to communicate.

There are more needs, the list above is only partial and it demonstrates the dire situation of the people of Los Toros. Long term planning is needed to satisfy these needs and strategies for filling them need to be established.




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