Mission Sunday Presentation


Medical Supplies Are Needed in Los Toros  

We received a request from Los Toros for  medical supplies.

Deacon Don Kabara will be making a special trip to Los Toros in early October to take the supplies there. Here is what they need:

Face Masks

Hand Sanitizer

Leave Items in Saint Joseph Lobby Los Toros Box until Oct 4th.           

Tylenol – Acetaminophen

Advil – Ibuprofen

Thank you once again for your generosity.

For additional information about the Los Toros Mission email us at


A Reflection on Mission Sunday………………….

Yo tengo tres cosas – first, a brief story. In my retirement I am teaching English over the Internet to students in Los Toros. Recently I was cut off when the electricity went out. I told a student, “that’s so unfair, we have electricity all the time and you don’t”. The student replied “Donald, this is our problem and we must solve it ourselves. It is an injustice that we must overcome. The government always tells us they will give us electricity, but they never do it. We can do two things, first of all petition the government to really do it and secondly learn how to use alternate means for strengthening our education.” I was amazed at the response, first of all assuming ownership of the problem and secondly coming up with solutions to implement in solving the problem.

Now the three things: One – Doing what is Right and Just; Two – Compassion and Mercy; Three – Changing Our Minds.

It’s Mission Sunday, it is also the World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

How appropriate, Ezekiel writes about doing what is Right and Just. Los Toros badly needed a High School, A man in Los Toros named Ezekiel asked us to collaborate with the community to build a high school, we paid for the land and helped them lobby the government to erect the building and they got a high school – Right and Just.

Mission Sunday involves Compassion and Mercy, but it is not just our Compassion and Mercy. Compassion and Mercy starts in Los Toros, they go out into their community and determine the most urgent needs and bring them to us, we come up with resources and they implement them. We are doing what is Right and Just as called for by the prophet Ezekiel and so are the people in Los Toros. Not only that, we are United in Heart with the people of Los Toros – St. Paul calls for that today! Our work is a collaboration in harmony with the Holy Scriptures, and this is made evident not only in our words but also in our actions.

Point three,  the people of Los Toros literally Changed my Mind – and my heart. Over thirty years ago, on our first visit to Los Toros we asked the people, “how can we help you?” They replied, “we do not want your help, we want your love and friendship and then we want to collaborate with you to grow our community. For the past thirty-three years we have continued to Change Our Minds – and our hearts.

One last thought: St. Joe’s is helping to solve the migration and refugee challenge facing the world. Our collaboration that promotes doing what is Right and Just, our Uniting of Hearts as called for by St. Paul, our Changing Our Minds, all this has helped a community grow into a place where people are secure, content and happy. A place that they do not want to leave, a place where people want to come to live in their own land.

Deacon Don Kabara


Meet Our Students


Tropical Storm Laura hits Los Toros!

That is not a river in the first photo, it is the main street of Los Toros. There is a cement electric pole on the street. The red metal is a roof from a house.

This is the home of Juana Iris Pimentel and her family. Their roof is on the street. Though not officially a hurricane, a tropical storm does much of the same damage. So far no other reports of severe damage to houses.



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