Juana Bautista Vicente


Rest in Peace  –  Descanse en Paz

(espanol abajo)

With compassion and with hope we extend our deepest sympathy to Olga Vicente De Leon and her family at the death of her mother Juana Bautista Vicente.

      Juana Bautista Vicente died on June 30th  after a long illness. She was eighty-six years old and died at her home in Los Toros. She had three sons and three daughters.

May she rest in eternal peace and may her family receive the consolation of the Holy Spirit.



Con compasión y esperanza hacemos  nuestro más sentido apoyo a Olga Vicente De León y su familia por el fallecimiento de su madre Juana Bautista Vicente.

      Juana Bautista Vicente falleció el 30 de junio después una larga enfermedad. Tenía ochenta y seis años y murió en su casa de Los Toros. Tuvo tres hijos y tres hijas.

Que descanse en paz eterna y que su familia reciba el consuelo del Espíritu Santo.



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Muchas Gracias!


Observations ………

Words you never hear in Los Toros ……

Air Conditioner – none to be seen!

Water Heater – not a single one in the village (cold showers).

Clothes Dryer – a barbed wire fence will do (tough on clothes).

Gun – in 30 + years never saw one (but I think the butcher has one).

Barbecue Grill – they use an open fire.

Kitchen Aid – not enough electric to run one.

Electric Pencil Sharpener – now that would be handy!

Bath Tub – not a one.

….to be continued


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