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The Los Foundation Inc. is a Private Non-Profit Corporation chartered in the state of             Wisconsin. A copy of our Bylaws is available for your viewing.

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Board of Directors

The Los Foundation Inc. is governed by a professional Board of Directors experienced with working in  third world countries.

President: Michael Haischer - Former - Vice President - Mac Metal Inc., Germantown, WI

Mr. Haischer has a degree in accounting and business. He worked extensively in accounting and production management. He has visited Los Toros and worked on Los Toros projects for over ten years. 

Vice President: Donald Kabara - Retired Sr. Vice President - Frank Mayer & Associates,  Grafton, WI

Mr. Kabara has worked with the people of Los Toros for over twenty-five years helping to lay the ground work for collaboration in their community development. He retired as Executive Director of the Foundation in 2014 and serves as an adviser to programs of the foundation and still visits Los Toros each year.

Vice President: John Gallo - Attorney - Houseman & Feind, LLP,  Grafton, WI

Mr. Gallo has experience with working with non-profit organizations as well as extensive legal experience. He has visited and worked in Los Toros along with his wife Terri for over ten years.

Vice President: Michael Weber - President - Ambrose Engineering, Inc.  Cedarburg, WI

Mr. Weber heads a structural engineering firm, he also has extensive experience with working with third world countries in community development. He makes yearly visits to Los Toros and collaborated in major projects within the village including the construction of a library and a church.

Teresa Gallo - Grafton, WI

Ms. Gallo has visited and worked in Los Toros for over ten years in areas of Health and Education. She brings a wealth of experience from her career in health care.

Lauren Leslie Hynan - Grafton, WI

Ms. Leslie Hynan is a retired Professor and Department Head at Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI. She brings a high degree of professionalism and wisdom in areas of education and management. She has visited and worked in Los Toros and continues to help in the development of our programs in the Los Toros communities. 

Judith Wendtlandt - Grafton, WI

Ms. Wendtlant is a retired Registered Nurse experienced with working in the health field. Her experience enhances our work in the area of health and education. Se continues to visit and work in Los Toros.



Members - General Assembly


Membership in the General Assembly is open to residents of the USA, Dominican Republic and Spain.  After nomination for membership the Board of Directors votes to accept a new member.

Current Members are listed in the linked document below.


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