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People of Los Toros

Congratulations to Lluderca Mateo Zayas.

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People of Los Toros: Yordanka

Doctor Yordanka Guerrero De León, is a Los Toros scholarship recipient who graduated in in October of 2016.

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The People of Los Toros: Mirella

Mirella de Leon Ledesma has been involved with our Los Toros Mission from the beginning.

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Hija: Edania Maria Zayas Beltre

The People of Los Toros: Hija

Strong and compassionate, Edania Maria Zayas Beltre, known to many as Hija, is a leading member of the Executive Council for the Foundación Los Toros.

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Rosita and Bimbo Ramirez Diaz

The People of Los Toros: Rosita and Bimbo

Meet Los Toros Foundation members Rosita and Bimbo Ramirez Diaz, two wonderful people who are well-respected as community leaders throughout the village.

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The People of Los Toros: Olga

Everyone in the community calls her Olga and many know her by that name. Her full name is Bernardina de Leon de Mejia, and she plays a number of important roles in the community of Los Toros.

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Los Toros High School

The History of Los Toros “High School”

In the Dominican Republic a public high school is called a “Liceo” or “Escuela Secundaria.” It is a four-year school similar to high schools in the United States.

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Graduate Junior Antonio Agramonte Mendez

New Los Toros Graduate Junior Antonio Agramonte Mendez graduates from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo

After the graduation ceremony, Junior posed with a niece, Jennifer Mendez, to show his hard-earned diploma.

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