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Los Toros Teen Needs Eye Surgery

You know how good you feel when you made a big difference in someone’s life? Well you have, through your contributions to the Los Toros Foundation – Mission! 

Such opportunities to help come in at any time. Recently, the leaders of the Los Toros Fundación sent us a request for Rony, a 12-year old boy who needs eye surgery for keratoconus.   

Keratoconus is a weakening of the structure of the cornea which bulges outward and downward like a cone. Initially, keratoconus is treated with eyeglasses, but it is a degenerative disease, and surgery is needed to stabilize the deterioration of vision.

Rony is the oldest of three brothers. He loves to do “engineering things.”  His parents are Nicomede Beltre and Berenice Agramonte. Nicomede works in agriculture and Berenice takes care of the home. They believe the eye problem is genetic as Nicomede has received help in the past from the Fundación for surgery on his eyes. Rony’s grandmother also has eye problems and is no longer able to see.   

At $62,000 in Dominican money, the cost of such an operation is out of reach for them. To obtain the funding for the operation, Rony’s parents went to the leaders of the Los Toros Fundación. 

The Fundación reviewed their request and sent it to us; to ensure responsibility, solidarity and commitment, our customary practice is to ask that the money be raised from three sources: the family is to pay one third, the community in Los Toros one third, and the Foundation contributes one third.

Rony is hoping to have the surgery soon so he may return to his studies. Rony and his family send their gratitude for everyone who will help to save his eyesight and make this big difference in his life.