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New Los Toros Graduate Junior Antonio Agramonte Mendez graduates from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo

Graduate Junior Antonio Agramonte Mendez

After the graduation ceremony, Junior posed with a niece, Jennifer Mendez, to show his hard-earned diploma.

Junior began his education in 2015 and now is a graduate in Education with an emphasis in Chemistry and Biology. Junior has always been active in his community and the church.  He has managed the computer lab in the library for many years. He also is one of the leaders in the youth ministry program. Since graduation, he is now serving as a member on the Los Toros scholarship committee in the Dominican Republic.

In Junior’s words: “Thank you all for your support, for your friendship, and for helping me to fulfill my goal of having a profession.  A thousand thanks for all you do for the young people of this community who desire to succeed and achieve their goals. I will always be here serving the community and its young people.”


For more information about the Los Toros Beca (scholarship) program, contact Judy Wendtlandt at