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The People of Los Toros: Hija

Hija: Edania Maria Zayas Beltre

Edania Maria Zayas Beltre, otherwise known as Hija, is one of the many strong, amazing, and compassionate leaders in the village of Los Toros.  She is presently a leading member of the Executive Council for the Foundación Los Toros.

She was born in 1955, one of 14 children born to Luis Emilio Zayas and Catalina Beltre (both now deceased). She married Manuel Antonio Mateo and together they raised four children: Victor, Selenny, Lludera, and Socrates.

She graduated from the liceo (high school) in 2003 together with her youngest son, Socrates. She then enrolled in the University of UTESUR in Azua and earned her degree in nursing in 2010.

Many years ago, before becoming a member of the Foundación Los Toros, she was a volunteer with a group called “Centro de Madres” in Los Toros.  This group grew to become Las Promotoras, a group of women trained to care for pregnant women and their babies in Los Toros and in nearby Sajanoa. Hija serves as chairperson of Las Promotoras. She also helped
start the dental clinic where she continues to work as a volunteer. 

In 2012, Hija served as vice-mayor and then in 2016 as mayor in the nearby village of Tabara Arriba (another of several villages surrounding Los Toros).

Hija is a very gracious, compassionate, knowledgeable, and loving person. She cares deeply for her family and her village.  Hija is a person of deep faith, which anchors her life and gives her strength. She is always gracious, hospitable, fun loving, and with a mischievous smile that draws you in.