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The People of Los Toros: Olga


Everyone in the community calls her Olga and a lot of people know her by that name. Her full name is Bernardina de Leon de Mejia. Olga has three roles in the community of Los Toros. First of all, she is married to Antonio Mejia and they are parents to a daughter and two sons. Second, Olga is a math teacher in the primary school. And third, she is the president of the Los Toros Foundation – Dominican Republic.

Olga fills all three roles in her life with great energy, enthusiasm, care and compassion. She loves her family and has a strong partnership with her husband in raising their sons and daughter. Her husband is a hardworking farmer who now is growing lemon trees that have started to produce an excellent crop of beautiful lemons. Sometimes they seem to be in a contest about which of them is more dedicated to their work and their family! She is a good teacher and the students respect her. She is well qualified as a teacher having earned both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

As president of the Los Toros Foundation – Dominican Republic, (which for legal purposes is a separate entity from the Los Toros Foundation USA) Olga leads a team that works together to not only serve the community, but to unite it as a force for the growth and development of the village of Los Toros. Because of the economic situation in the village, her role as leader can at times be a challenging one as she tries to define priorities and meet countless needs of individuals and families. Olga and her team work together and  handle it well with understanding and compassion along with a lot of patience and perseverance.

The Los Toros Foundation  has been successful in a number of areas, especially in education and in health. This success flows from a strong effort at understanding needs, defining priorities and collaborating with others to meet the challenges those needs present to the community. The work of the foundation is a community effort and Olga serves as a strong force in uniting people together to work harmoniously at serving their community. The village of Los Toros is a strong community and that is a result of good leaders and collaborators, such as Olga.