Used Cell Phones Needed

Students in Los Toros neeed Cell Phones for virtual classes. If you have a good used Cell Phone – Smart Phone, it would be a great help to a student in Los Toros. We will clear all data from your phone, reset it and prepare it for a student. Click the “About” button on this web site and contact us by email if you can help.

Muchas Gracias!


Observations ………

Words you never hear in Los Toros ……

Air Conditioner – none to be seen!

Water Heater – not a single one in the village (cold showers).

Clothes Dryer – a barbed wire fence will do (tough on clothes).

Gun – in 30 + years never saw one (but I think the butcher has one).

Barbecue Grill – they use an open fire.

Kitchen Aid – not enough electric to run one.

Electric Pencil Sharpener – now that would be handy!

Bath Tub – not a one.

….to be continued


Thank You for Your Generous Support


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