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How Are Foundation Contributions Used?

When you donate $1.00 to our foundation, where, exactly, does it go?  Here’s a short breakdown:

.32 – Beca – College Scholarship expenses

.26 – Critical Home Repair and Construction

.16 – St. Vincent de Paul/Special Medical Concerns

.08 – Youth/Adult Mission Experience (YAME) programs

          -(not travel expenses)

.06 – Prenatal – healthy babies: education, vitamins, doctors

.03 – Sewing Center – education and job/business training

.03 – Food Assistance  

.03 – Cement Floor  – installation in dirt floor homes

.02 – Building Maintenance – Mission Center and Library   

.01 – Dental Clinic support          

$1.00 – TOTAL…..   

While many of the programs are relatively small in size, dollar wise, they are vital to the people receiving the program benefits. 

All of your donation goes to work in Los Toros.  Everyone involved, both here in the US and in Los Toros are volunteers.  Administration fees are very small, less than half a penny per dollar spent, so they are not shown above.