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How the people of Los Toros are dealing with the Corona Virus Pandemic

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 infections and day to day restrictions in Los Toros

The covid-19 pandemic has spread to every corner of the world including remote places like Los Toros. As of April 27, the Dominican Republic has about 6,000 cases and has seen 275 deaths. The DR has a total population of about 11 million. 

At this time, we know of only one person in Los Toros who has the covid-19 virus. She returned from a trip to Italy and is in quarantine in her home. Azua, the closest city to Los Toros, has about 60 people with the virus.

The Dominican government has taken a number of steps to slow the spread of the covid-19 virus: 

  • The entire nation is under “cuarentena” (quarantine) with a ‘stay at home’ order. 
  • Masks are required in all public places. 
  • Events and public gatherings of all kinds have been suspended. 
  • All schools and businesses are closed. 
  • There is absolutely no public transportation. 
  • There is a strict nationwide curfew that prohibits all traffic and movement of people from 5pm to 6am. 
  • Roadblocks have been set up at various points throughout the country prohibiting travel. 
  • The docking of cruise ships has been suspended, as have flights into the country. Limited flights out of the DR available.

Even in Los Toros, if you are caught on the streets after 5pm, you are arrested and your penalty is to clean streets with a broom! 

From 6am to 5pm you can go out to shop for necessities at one of the “colmados” – small stores where you can buy basic groceries and not much more. With the restriction on transportation, shortages may be anticipated. 

Farmers can work their fields, but they have no way of getting their produce to market. People can eat from their crops, but only certain things are ripe at this time.

Your generosity at this time can mean a big difference to families in Los Toros as they deal with major disruptions in their lives.