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Los Toros Scholarship Students Continue Studies During Pandemic

Covid-19 Update

The coronavirus has not stopped our 21 scholarship (Beca Program) students in Los Toros from pursuing their dreams. Like other students throughout the US and the world, our scholarship students have shifted their studies from the classroom to computers and phones as they complete their semester course work virtually in Los Toros.

Both private and public universities in the Dominican Republic have cancelled in-person classes and shifted their courses to online platforms. Most of our students have been able to continue the majority of their classes virtually with the exception of laboratories and practicums that require face-to-face interactions. UASD has extended the spring semester through August and will not be offering summer sessions. It is unclear what the fall semester will look like.

Students approaching graduation have also been able to finish their projects online and are awaiting a date to present and defend their projects. Upon their successful presentation, they will receive their diplomas.

“Gracias a Dios” (thank God), our students report that they are healthy in spite of the still increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the country and in the village of Los Toros. They continue to express deep appreciation for the continued support they receive from us.