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People of Los Toros: Yordanka

Doctor Yordanka Guerrero De León is a Los Toros scholarship recipient who graduated in October of 2016. Now, while working as chief of residents at Hospital Marvesa in Santo Domingo, she is also in her third year of advanced study in Family and Community Medicine at the Iberoamerican University.  As chief of residents, she is the link between the residents and the administration. She monitors their compliance with guidelines and also ensures that the rights of the residents are respected.

Yordanka grew up in a family where community service was constant. Her mother, Nuris, has been one of the leaders in the  Los Toros Mission for many years.

Yordanka said that when her hospital was designated to serve patients with covid-19, things changed dramatically. The situation is  challenging she said, because very few people are prepared  for the complexity of the pandemic. “It gives me great satisfaction to know that even with limited resources you can try to improve the health conditions of others. We need to be in solidarity and empathy with others. What for one person is nothing, for another may be crucial. A kind gesture, a few words of encouragement can change things for the better in ways we may not know.” Yordanka sums it up saying, “¡Seamos amables con los demás!” or in English, “Let us be kind to others!”