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Congratulations to Lluderca Mateo Zayas, another Los Toros beca (scholarship) recipient, who graduated August 20th with a degree in Social Sciences. 

Lluderca graduated from UFHEC, the Universidad Federico Henriquez y Carvajal, located in Bani, a city between Los Toros and Santo Domingo. Lluderca began her university education at UASD, the Universidad Autonoma Santo Domingo. Due to her economic situation she had to discontinue studies and return to Los Toros. She stayed there, married Aneuri  Feliz, and they have two children, Iberka and Irvin. During this time, she took up her studies at UFHEC, majoring in Social Sciences.

In the last year of studies in Dominican universities, students must complete a thesis or capstone project. There are significant costs associated with these projects, as well as costs related to graduation. When funds are available, the Los Toros scholarship committee offers  assistance to qualified students to help defray these costs and, thus achieve their ultimate goal of graduation and their degree.

Now with her degree, Lluderca plans to serve the community by teaching in one of the area schools. Her goal is to help create a better community for her children and all the children in the Los Toros area.

Lluderca grew up in a family and community that value service. Her mother is Hija, who started the Promotoras group of women who  provide prenatal care for mothers and newborns. She is also the sister of Socrates who, with his wife Cathy, have been organizing our annual YAME mission trips (Youth and Adult Mission Experience).