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The People of Los Toros: Mirella

Mirella de Leon Ledesma has been involved with our Los Toros Mission from the beginning. She is presently a member of the Executive Committee in Los Toros that co-ordinates the local work of the Los Toros Mission and she also is the leader of the Beca (scholarship) committee. Before the Beca committee was established, Mirella started the first pre-school program for children aged 3 to 5 years.

Mirella is married to Ricardo Ledesma. They have four children, Ernesto, Miacol, Estrella, and Roslenny. Two of their children are presently studying in the University.

Mirella earned her college degree in languages. She is presently teaching both second and fourth level Spanish at the Los Toros high school. She is also working on her masters degree. Mirella is also helping sponsor Rachel, another of our Beca students, who tragically lost both her parents when very young.  Rachel is in our program as a partial Beca student.

Mirella is very soft spoken but commands attention when she speaks. She is very well respected throughout the village for her work with students. She maintains constant contact with the Beca students, often traveling to Santo Domingo monthly to check on the students’ progress.

She knows the students’ families, their backgrounds, and their struggles. Mirella is a very compassionate person and exceptionally good listener. Mirella is an extremely vital link in our communications with students. She is, along with other leaders in the village, the reason for our successes.