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The People of Los Toros: Rosita and Bimbo

Rosita and Bimbo Ramirez Diaz

Rosita and Bimbo Ramirez Diaz are two of the most wonderful people I have had the honor to know in my life.  I first met them about 22 years ago while there on mission.  They are both community leaders and are well respected throughout the village.  

Bimbo is an outspoken, hard-working farmer and Rosita is a very quiet, soft spoken, yet intelligent and graceful women.  Her grace and beauty is certainly reflected in their daughters Binincia, Yenny, and Josefina.  Binincia and Josefina became students in our Beca (scholarship) Program. Both graduated with degrees and both have children of their own. Their other two children are Agustin and Oneris.  

Bimbo always wears a smile and loves a good laugh.  His rapid- fire way of speaking sometimes makes it difficult for non-native speakers to understand, but he communicates easily through his warmth and laughter.

Their home is directly across from the church, built with help from St. Joseph Parish.  Bimbo and Rosita are members of the Los Toros Foundation and volunteered to be the caretakers for the church.  Rosita has been a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society since 2005 when Bob Van Dyke from St. Joe’s parish helped them establish their conference in Los Toros. She is also a member of the Beca Committee.

Bimbo and Rosita have always been open to host couples and members of our mission when we visit the village.  Their hospitality to mission members and members of their own community is extraordinary and humbling.  Bimbo built a ramada (canopy structure) off the side of their kitchen so they could host large gatherings for meals and celebrations.  Their home has actually become a kind of gathering place before and after major church celebrations during Christmas and Easter and for community celebrations as well.

Although they are now getting older and suffer numerous ailments, they never complain.  They are both people of a strong, mysterious, and deep faith that has made them who they are and has so identified them with the people of Los Toros.

Mike Weber

Mike has visited Los Toros many times as a volunteer and serves on the Los Toros Foundation Board of Directors in Grafton, Wisconsin.